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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu Versus Alcohol? I'll take the Alcohol

I've had swine flu. I had it in the 1970s when they made a series of ads that will blow your mind - here's the link on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASibLqwVbsk about how we should all get vaccinated. Then the vaccination killed some people or gave them very rare, fatal diseases. No wonder there's a backlash against vaccination by parents right now.

What's bad about swine flu is that it doesn't act like other flus. It doesn't prey on babies, the old and the sick. It makes perfectly healthy people violently ill and can kill them. That's pretty frightening.

Swine flu is horrible. I was in bed for six straight days, alone most of the time, and the first few barely able to crawl to the bathroom. I have never been that sick before or since. And I lost eight pounds.

So the idea of my kids getting swine flu scares me more at this time than catching my son sneaking a beer. (Like I actually have beer in the house). But I got to wondering how would drinking alcohol as a teenager would affect resistance to swine flu?

Use hand sanitizers that have alcohol in them. They are better, stronger, last longer I guess. A good time to remind your middle school student that alcohol is in alot of things that we don't drink. And it's used as a disinfectant - doesn't that make it sound appealing?

Don't share drinks with anyone. Swine flu is airborne which means if the person next to you on the metro has it you can catch it. If you want to ratchet up your chances of getting it share a Coke or a beer with your neighbor. It's a pretty sure fire way to make sure if either of you has it the other will get it.

Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking if you're sick. Yes we know this. But if we're not that sick or on the road to recovery alcohol will hurt us too. It weakens the immune system and makes us worse.

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