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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alcohol Use Among High School Students Up 11% in One Year

The 2009 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (Partnership for a Drug Free America) shows kids alcohol and drug use is skyrocketing.

The Partnership asked 3287 teens and 804 parents across the country about drinking alcohol or taking drugs in the past month. Alcohol use was up 11% among kids in 9-12th grade. Drugs were up even more - Ecstacy use (albeit off a small base) was up 67% and marijuana was up 19%.

Why now? The Partnership says:

Stress - brought on by school and the recession which affects their families

The Internet - with the most likely culprit YouTube which is flooded with video about kids drinking and taking drugs - and making it look mainstream

Parents who let drugs like marijuana and alcohol use slide for awhile until it becsme a much bigger problem.

For more info go to www.drugfree.org.

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