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Monday, February 7, 2011

Rude Awakening - Teen Texts From Last Night

Fellow parents - CASA Columbia - the alcohol, drug and tobacco research arm of Columbia University points out a truly disturbing web site in its CASA Inside newsletter. Called Texts from Last Night it provides a really disturbing profile of what teens are talking about and what they are doing.

A couple of the texts from the post Super Bowl frenzy in Dallas -

Just woke up next to our cab driver from last night. Please tell me this isn't happening.

rolled over to window for cup of snow instead of leaving bed for water. that's how hungover

If I remember who won the superbowl tomorrow morning.. I think I'm just going to quit drinking. There really won't be a point anymore

She just said, "are my livers going to die?"

You have to be a member to read the comments but know that there are hundreds of them for each text.

These are some of the milder ones. If you are interested in scaring the parent in you on Twitter follow @TFLN.

Here's some information on the study CASA Columbia study of adolescent life which is in progress.

Taking a close look at that culture and why some adolescents “choose to use” is at the crux of the latest CASA report now being completed by the Center’s Policy Research and Analysis Division. The two-year study, funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Legacy®, takes a comprehensive, yet accessible, look at substance use among America’s high school-aged youth and what may motivate this high-risk behavior.

 The study is grounded in what we know of the disease of addiction and the life paths that lead to this all too common illness. It focuses on the culture in which high school-aged teens live and how that culture influences their use of addictive substances. It also looks at other factors contributing to or driving their addiction related behaviors — their attitudes and perceptions, the behavior of other teens, parents, teachers and other school personnel, and the far-reaching consequences of teen substance use ranging from impaired academic performance to mental health problems, accidents, suicides and crime, to addiction and secondhand effects on those exposed to teen use.

If you're interested in the CASA Inside newsletter here's the link:


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