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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break and Girls Get Drunk Faster than Boys - Here's the Science

Spring break is here and we all know that means a lot of temptation to drink alcohol, and drink heavily.  We've said this before but we're repeating it. Girls get drunk faster than boys for physiological reasons. Talk to your girls before they head off to spring break or pre-graduation/prom.

Here's the science of why girls can't drink as much as boys:

·         Girls have less water in their bodies than boys. Girls have a slightly higher proportion of fat to lean muscle tissue, concentrating alcohol more easily in their lower percentage of body water. This means they become intoxicated faster after drinking less alcohol.

·         Girls have fewer enzymes to break alcohol down. Alcohol dehydrogenases are a group of seven enzymes that help break down alcohol so the body processes it. Girls have fewer of them, so it is not as easy for their bodies to metabolize the alcohol they drink.

·         Girls are smaller and often weigh less than boys. When drinking the same amount as a boy, a girl will experience a quicker rise in her blood alcohol level, and she may stay intoxicated for a longer period of time. Girls who drink heavily can be at greater risk for alcohol poisoning because it takes less alcohol for them to get really sick.

·         Girls often prefer sweeter, carbonated mixed drinks. Such drinks can speed up the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

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